Lost Keys

All mailboxes manufactured by The Safety Letterbox Company are fitted with a coded security lock and supplied with two spare keys as standard. Replacement keys and locks can be purchased from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve lost my key - how do I get a new key cut?

We supply mailboxes that feature a label on the inside door reminding you to keep a record of your key number, which is etched onto the face of the key. If you have made a record of this number then we can supply a replacement key, if you have not then we can only supply a replacement lock which comes with two coded keys.

How much are replacement keys and locks?

- 1 key is £17.40
- 2 keys are £30.60
- 1 lock with 2 keys is £25.50

All prices include VAT and standard Royal Mail delivery. Replacement keys are cut in house by our specialist key department and contain a lead time of around 5 working days. If you require multiple keys or locks, please get in touch for an accurate pricing and lead time.

I’ve snapped my key in the lock - how do I remove it again?

If you’ve been lucky, then there may be an edge to the key which you can gain leverage on using a set of pliers, removing the key from the lock. If you cannot gain leverage on the key then you will need to replace the mailbox lock. More guidance on this can be given by contacting us directly.

My mailbox lock isn’t turning - do I need a new lock?

Over time dust and dirt can build up in locks and can stop them from working properly even though they still function as required. We can supply replacement locks for mailboxes but we always recommend a quick procedure if you think a build-up of dirt may be causing the lock problems. Give the mailbox key a light spray with furniture polish and then proceed to enter and remove the key from the lock a few times to dislodge any build-up of dirt.

How do I replace my lock?

Replacing a mailbox lock is fairly straightforward and requires a basic level of DIY knowledge. A comprehensive instruction guide is supplied with every replacement mailbox lock.

I need a master key for our mailboxes - how do I get one?

Master keys are available to companies following a rigorous security check to determine the authenticity of the request. Get in touch with us for more information.

I can’t get into my mailbox - where do I get a replacement key / lock sent to?

We can delivery replacement keys and locks to any address - a family member, friend, place of work etc. We take this delivery address when processing your order so make a note of the address before you give us a call.

Note to Landlords

If a tenant has moved on and not returned their mailbox keys we advise you to change the lock with 2 new keys as the old key could still be in circulation.

Security Breach

If there is any doubt about your mailbox security, maybe a lost key for example, we always advise you to change your lock. It's quick and easy and will provide peace of mind.